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Tigger Kingdom




  • Transfer round-trip
  • Park entrance
  • Park insurance (with ticket)
  • extra cost : close encounter fee is wanted
  • extra cost : picture of the close encounter


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You will be able to tour the park with the possibility to have a close encounter with a tigger ;The big cats that you can meet during your animal encounter were born and hand-raised at Tiger Kingdom. We also have some tigers that have been brought in from other zoological institutions, these tigers are not as tame so you are not able to enter their enclosure. None of our animals have been captured from the wild. if you want, for an extra fee you can a close encounter with either a medium or a big tiger or even a cheetah and have a picture taken for this very unique meeting.

How safe is it ?
You will be guided to touch the tiger for obvious safety reasons, our tiggers still have claws and teeth and are not on drug, therefore they remain wild. : approaching the tiger from behind, not touching the face or paws, giving a firm touch not a light one, and avoiding sudden movements etc. Our expert tiger keepers will guide you through your experience. Each animal encounter lasts around 10 minutes. You will spend time inside the big cat's enclosure and you can touch and have photos taken with the animal if you wish, provided that the animal is not too active at the time of your visit.

Why Tiggers are being so tame ?
The big cats that you can meet during your animal encounter were born and hand-raised at Tiger Kingdom. Hand raising cubs has been to proven increase survival rate and to reduce stress in captive animals, this also creates a bond between tiger and keeper and makes them less aggressive as they are used to human contact from early on in their lives.

Tiggers are not on drug :
at Tiger Kingdom, we have a team of on-site veterinarians who work alongside animal nutritionists and animal husbandry technicians to ensure the good health of the animals. The only time sedation is used is for annual health checks or medical emergencies. There are many reasons why we would never sedate the tigers other than when strictly necessary; for example, sedation and anaesthetics can be dangerous, we would not want to jeopardise the health of our tigers; a sedated animal is unpredictable, it would be too dangerous to enter an enclosure with a sedated animal; sedating such large animals is expensive, doing so would compromise the viability of the business. Furthermore, sedation is simply not necessary, tigers sleep for 18-20 hours a day, so the likelihood is that the tigers will be quite relaxed during your visit, especially if the weather is hot. Please refer to the attached fact sheet for more information.


Pick-up from your hotel and transfer to the Tigger Kingdom.
Arrival at the Tigger Kingdom for 45 minutes. 
Possiiblity to reserve a close encounter with tigger or cheetah
Transfer back to your hotel.



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