Gay pride

2018 pride cancelled,postponed to 2019

Gay pride in Phuket is quite colorfull as you might expect it.  Unfortunatelly this year, the event has been cancelled and the next pride to be schedulled will be held in 2019. Even without the pride, you might always find some fun and the paradise street will not let you down !

Songkran Festival 

April 13-15, 2018.

Every year during April, the people of Thailand welcome the New year in one of their most important holidays, called ‘Songkran’, which translates as 'the passing of'. This thousand-year-old celebration marks the beginning of the solar calendar and, with that, many different aspects of life and their importance to the Thai people are considered and contemplated. For many Thais, Songkran is revered as a time for both personal reflection and connecting with family, particularly by showing due respect to one's elders. In general, the days of Songkran are observed by Thais and tourists alike as symbolic of hospitality, familial love, and the importance of building and maintaining relationships in one’s community. More literally, though, the Songkran festival pays homage to the important role of water in Thai history and culture. However, the nation as a whole views this holiday as an excuse for a massive celebration, with parties and merry attitudes filling the streets for three days.


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